A Poem for Abby’s Teeth

Chat-GPT writes a small poem about babies first teeth

ChatGPT and Fernando Rios-Avila


April 19, 2023


ChatGPT was requested to write a poem about Abigail’s first tooth. The first one was a horror one, but I like this second one better

Abigail’s first teeth, oh so small

Pearly white, they barely show at all

But they bring joy to all who see

This precious little one, so full of glee

Abigail drools and chews with delight

Her first teeth, such a wonderful sight

She smiles and giggles with every sound

As she explores the world all around


Her first teeth, a milestone so sweet

A sign of growth and development complete

They mark the start of her journey ahead

As Abigail grows, learns and is fed

So let’s celebrate Abigail’s first teeth

And all the joy and wonder they bequeath

For they are a precious part of life’s start

And a sign of the love in our hearts.